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A WW2 fighter pilot has asked me to return this wallet to its rightful owner or family.

It was recovered from a dead IJA soldier on Guam, 1944.  The circumstances behind it are sketchy, but I’ve learned that most mysteries can be cracked given enough time, energy and reason.

It’s not for sale.  It’s not for loan.  It’s not for exhibit.  And, it’s not leaving the bank safe again until it’s home is identified as bona-fide.   Look - I’m not trying to be a jerk but if your’re a collector or a lookie-lou, the answer is NO.

However, if you have any insight into the wallet and/or contents, please let me know.  Click HERE

UPDATE (10-5-12)  Someone posted this story on Reddit - and it’s getting good exposure.  The responses has confirmed what my sources have discovered and I’ll be posting that shortly; the names of the men on the card.  It’s looking like we could use some Japanese media here - if you’ve got contacts, pass this story on, please?  Thank you.

Help me return this wallet

That’s me clamboring around a Gloster Gladiator  of the Shuttleworth Collection Ltd, UK

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