Every artist/writer wants a ‘best seller.’

Of all the art I’ve produced, of all the stories I’ve told, NONE NONE NONE come CLOSE to the response from the “Missileer Community.”

To date, I’ve sold so many prints of missiles, you won’t believe me.  So I’ll spare you the scoff and not tell you.  Also, it inspired one of the most popular (and ill-fated because it involved the Ruskies backing out of a financial deal) OGTA episodes.  (Click here).

The print above was signed by 3 generations of missileers and is in my private collection and not for sale.  Ever.

Oh.  And yeah, it’s (probably) the most accurate rendering of this terrible, powerful, secret and mysterious device, too.  For that, I have the fantastic folks at Minot Air Force base to thank.