The photo above is Bob Pardo and Steve Wayne, a typical run-of-the-mill F-4 crew from the Vietnam War.

I contributed my artwork to a fundraiser for the River Rats that featured my drawing F-4 that Pardo and Wayne flew on a specific day in 1967.   The art sold so fast, I had to hover over my laptop, in the kitchen…while the sales-counter stripped away the prints like a hot wind pushing a ream of paper into the sky.   I remember telling my wife, “The Pardo guy must have a lot of people who love him…”

Pardo is in my pantheon.  He may have been out scouting around for MiGs (which he probably shouldn’t have).  But there is NO better story of leadership, brotherly love or the motivation a dad can have on a son.   I don’t cry.  Pardo made me cry.

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I can’t believe this guy actually signed my artwork…