That’s the ‘greatest’ ace I’ve ever interviewed, Kyosti Karhila – 37 victories.

Aside from being a gentleman, historian and hero of Finland, he was also a fine man for letting me, a ‘Merican, draw the Bf-109G he flew against the Russians in WWII.

I have but four, five prints left…maybe more if I stashed some someplace.  But the truth of the matter is, the bulk of them were distributed to air/ground crew of the Finnish Air Force as an homage to one of their heroes.

To me, “Kossi’s” story is one of the power of national unity.  Finland is a nation that has suffered the attentions of other nations who want what they have…and have fought/worked to figure out a way to keep their borders strong.   Read my interview with Kossi here.

And as for the insignia, the blue swastika does not reflect anything “nazi.”   It was simply the Finnish insignia, not unlike how the American Native Americans used the same design.  It just pisses me off that Hitler ruined the shape forever by being a rotten human.