I interview old guys and draw their airplanes.

Here’s my story.

I found that spending time around “old people” — specifically ones that have survived war’s crucible  — helped me learn priceless things about business, family, community, country…and the world.

As a little boy, I drew WWII airplanes on our kitchen table, captivated by the lore of aerial combat.  So many years later, as an executive hungry for better ways to succeed, I got to meet the very pilots who powered my crayons.   Today, I am surrounded by men and women who temper their incredible experiences with the practical wisdom that comes from “life.”

Today, my art is in galleries/museums/collections in at least 14 countries, my blog is read by thousands every month and films have earned acclaim world-wide.  

One of my drawings is to the right —>  the story behind it is pretty cool.