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Quote from African writer Amadou Hampaté Ba


Col. "Rick" Hilton, 433rd TFS


(It doesn't matter who said it.  It's still true.)

I interview Old Guys and Draw Their Airplanes

And in the process, save a few libraries for future generations!

• "666" is the bio of USAF pilot Hank Snow who completed 666 combat missions over three wars.

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• Artwork displayed in collections, galleries and museums in at least 14 countries

• Host of "Old Guys and Their Airplanes" watched in at least 52 countries

• Passionate advocate for the relevant teaching of History in the classroom, boardroom and home

Highlighted work

Airplanes, History, Show, News...that sort of thing.

Recent press—SDPB

Public Radio lets me talk about LCDR John Waldron

and why History is cool

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Recent press—KELOTV

I got to design a War Memorial for a Battle of Midway


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Graphic:  The graphic at right is a screen shot of the online edition.

Recent press - NPR/WUWF

Fort Walton Beach "Military Appreciation Day"

Public Radio interview - click here

Go to my Blog post about Waldron's "Dakota Warrior" TBD

OGTA episode #8- "The Wind Beneath Your Wings"

A WWII ex-POW discovers a beautiful lift out of an ugly capitivity

Purchase a print of my artwork signed by Chris Morgan

Go to my Blog post about Chris's airplane and life


OGTA episode #7- "There.  And Back"

A Vietnam War POW returns to his former horror

Purchase a print of my artwork, signed by Capt. Charlie Plumb

Go to my Blog post about Capt. Plumb and his F-4 Phantom

Recent press—Costco Connection

Costco gets the value of capturing history.

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Graphic:  The graphic at right is a screen shot of the online edition.  They have a little video and it's given me a chance to take the soapbox on a topic we all agree on.


I hope I've stated our case well enough...


One of the great things about what I do is that I hear from people around the world who share the same belief that "History is nutritious."

John Mollison



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